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Ball Boys {Summer Session} Portland Child Photographer

One of the things I consider to be a big blessing, is living close to family. Now “close” is a relative term, but being a “glass half full” kind of girl, I consider living on the same coast or being able to drive to see family in one weekend, close.:)A 17 hour drive is totally worth it to see these cute faces.

Taking our Little was so much fun this time around, he is old enough to play with the boys and man did they PLAY. We did take some time to capture these precious moments at a local park. Oregon is so beautiful in the summer, all those months of rain leave all the parks ands roadsides a beautiful display of green. The whole drive up I was imagining pulling off the side of the road to a do a shoot there. ┬áJohn’s sister is great at documenting her little men. I love walking her hallways and bedrooms and seeing all the images she has printed and displayed. From teeny newborns to the young men they are becoming, their family history hangs in every room.

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