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    Give us a minute to introduce ourselves. We are Lauren and Lindsay of Laurel Isle Photography. Yes, we are sisters and no, we aren't twins (we get that questions more than one would think!) We started this business about 3 years ago with nothing more than a dream, two cameras and a group of people who believed in us. From there we have grown from whatever-you-need photographers to wedding/portrait/boudoir photographers and we couldn't feel more blessed!

    In this last year, Lauren has moved up to Oregon. We now work in both California and Oregon and we LOVE IT! This move has enabled us capture more stories then we ever thought possible. Your story is our thing really. We love to capture how you met, who you love, and where you are headed. Browse around our site, and see what we have done. If you're interested in us capturing your story, feel free to call or email! We would love to hear from you. <3

Hope Carson {Event Session} Carson and Southbay Area Event Photographer

I think some of the best parties are surprise parties, and surprise parties that aren’t a birthday party. Like this one! The pastor’s at Hope Carson have served their church and community for the last 10 years, so it was only fitting that a surprise Luau was thrown in their honor. I have grown up as a pastor’s kid and I have seen my parents bear more burdens than most. There is a whole group of people that rely on them, look up to them and are consistently asking them to give. It’s hard work! That’s why this was so special to me because thank yous are rare (even for a pastor) and a thank you this big is really amazing. I had such a great time capturing the Polynesian dancers and really the love that filled that party.:)

Thank you, Hope Carson, for asking me to be a part of the fun. I hope your community continues to grow in faith and in love for one another.

- Lindsay


Benjamin! {Cake Smash Session} Pasadena Child Photographer

Two Cake Smash Sessions back to back.. and both boys are friends! How fun is that? It’s Tuesday and I am day dreaming of another session like this one. Between all the smiles, cute outfits and hot air balloons this session was definitely the dreamiest! Its got me already planning out my own Cake Smash Session. My girl isn’t even 2 months old yet, but all this inspiration definitely giving me a creativity itch.:)

Thank you, Ben and Family, for such a fun and creative session. You guys are always a joy to shoot and I can’t wait for our session this holiday session. <3




Noah! {Cake Smash Session} Palos Verdes and Playa Vista Child and Family Photographer

Happy Monday everyone! Everyone in my family is so thankful that it has cooled down today. We finally are taking naps at our appropriate times, eating (my poor pup doesn’t have much of an appetite during the heat) and hopefully, I am getting out today on my first run since the babe. I am so over walking. Since we have had a decent nap time today, it was left me to blog, answer emails and gear up for my fall minis (you can email me if you want more info on that). So today, we have Noah.

Noah is AWESOME. He loves his mommy and daddy and his “sissy” (the cute little pup in the picture below). He had a great time eating cake and he loved being chased around. That’s where we got all the laughs and giggles.

Thank you, Noah and family, for a great session! I look forward to seeing you guys again during my holiday season. <3




North High Prom! {Portrait Session} Torrance Portrait Photographer

I know it is no where near prom season anymore and for most of these kids it was probably their last prom (unless they end of supervising one in the future), but I am secretly longing for it to be spring. Scratch that… the DEAD OF WINTER. Dudes, it is so HOT. My poor husband will probably be crushed by our electricity bill this month because of the none stop a/c usage, but the babe and I cannot handle this. She has heat rashes. I am constantly sweating. We are taking cool baths and cold showers. She hasn’t warn a stitch of clothing all week. We are so over summer.  It’s so hot that we don’t go outside unless we absolutely have to. I almost cancelled my 6 week check up the other day because I was not going to drag her out in to the blazing sun for something I could reschedule till next week. Thankfully, my husband was able to come home. He’s a good man.

So here I am, in a cool 80 degree apartment (which is really cool compared to the 90+ it is outside!), dreaming of pretty dresses, green grass and a cool breeze. I definitely wish I was back there today. Hopefully soon!

Thank you to all these wonderful kids for such a great session! I need my client family to dress up more often. It was too much fun. <3




Emma Rose {Cake Smash Session!} San Dimas Child Photographer

You guys – I love long weekends. I love it for the obvious reasons -food, friends, extra time with the husband- but I also love it because it breaks up the scheduled life of the week. I think sometimes I get so bogged down by having to do this, having to go here and be at this by this time that having a Monday that isn’t tied to any schedule is AWESOME. Labor day was beautiful. The little babe slept in, we had donuts for breakfast, spent the afternoon playing games with friends and then lounged around till the sun went down at home. IT WAS PERFECT. I even had time to drum up this sweet blog post of Emma Rose.

This session is one of those that holds a special place in my heart. I had the honor of being the photographer for her parent’s wedding, for their maternity session, I saw her only weeks old and now a year later, I am capturing her tasting cake for one of the very first times. It’s amazing to witness this family’s love grow.:)

Thank you, Emma and family, for an amazing session! I am so happy how it turned and I am thrilled to have captured your family at some of the most important parts. I hope to be there for more!