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    Give us a minute to introduce ourselves. We are Lauren and Lindsay of Laurel Isle Photography. Yes, we are sisters and no, we aren't twins (we get that questions more than one would think!) We started this business about 3 years ago with nothing more than a dream, two cameras and a group of people who believed in us. From there we have grown from whatever-you-need photographers to wedding/portrait/boudoir photographers and we couldn't feel more blessed!

    In this last year, Lauren has moved up to Oregon. We now work in both California and Oregon and we LOVE IT! This move has enabled us capture more stories then we ever thought possible. Your story is our thing really. We love to capture how you met, who you love, and where you are headed. Browse around our site, and see what we have done. If you're interested in us capturing your story, feel free to call or email! We would love to hear from you. <3

Flash Back Friday {Personal} Los Angeles Based Life Style Photographer

I thought it would be fun that on Fridays I don’t have sessions to post, I do a little #fbf post. It gives me a break from the normal stuff and let’s everyone else know a little bit more about me. Here goes nothing.

I  the first thing I should start off with is before I turned 16, I was a pretty vibrant person. I think it was mostly for attention, but there are some days where I really miss that confidence I used to display. For instance, one of my favorite outfits was wear white sneakers, with KNEE-HIGH rainbow TOE socks, jean shorts and a red glittery superman t-shirt. Superman used to be my thing. I think one of my favorite memories is when my parents let me redecorate my room. I saved up all my change in a jar. It was probably close to $40 worth. We took my jar of change and 2 pints of paint and a new comforter. That’s all I apparently needed to redecorate my room.;)

My dad and I then got to work. We painted my whole room a powder blue and then he added white clouds. We left space in the center of the clouds to stencil a superman image from one of my comic books. Then my dad (bless his heart) spend the next few days stenciling a superman on my wall and then coloring it in. It was awesome! My dad was always doing things like that. He built me a ship for my pirate birthday party and an arbor twinkling with lights for my midnight masquerade party. It was great.

I hold those crazy times close to my heart. My parents always tried to be accommodating to my creative side, from rainbow toe socks to pirate ships, and I love that. I think they prefer now that my creativity is let out in photos and not spikey hair-dos or superheroes.


Santiago! {1st Birthday Session} Pasadena Child and Family Photographer

There are two things I love about this session. The first being Pasadena. Pasadena is one of the most beautiful cities that you can find in Los Angeles in my opinion. There is lush greenery, beautiful architecture, classic style. When Sonia asked if we could do Santiago’s 1st birthday session there, I readily agreed. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. There were blue skies and there was finally that October chill in the air. I was excited for it.

Then Sonia brought out a child’s grand piano and I almost died. It was so dreamy! Santiago couldn’t look any cuter on it either. I was so excited. I love fun props like this. Sometimes it’s hard to get children to sit down or be comfortable in front of the camera. Either they run away, shy into the arm of their parent or cry. It helpful when there are snacks, toys or grand pianos to the little occupied. Santiago was definitely occupied as plunked away at the piano. I loved it.

Thank you, Garcia family, for such a great session. I had a wonderful time and it turned out beautiful. I can’t wait till I see you all again!




Diana’s Bridal Shower {Event Session} Downey Event Photographer

I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I have to tell you… I don’t even remember the first time that Diana and I met. She has been my neighbor-sister-friend since as long as I can remember. We have grown up together. We have had sleep overs, shared secrets, dressed up and gone on adventures together. And by Saturday, we will both be married. I am so excited. Her and Ralph have been together for about ten years and have stuck it out through all the thick and thin that life has to offer and on Saturday, they’ll be promising to do that for life. That’s beautiful.

To celebrate Diana and this time in her life we were all invited to her bridal shower a few weeks ago.  It was full of fun (mildly awkward) games, friends, family, laughs and  of course, yummy drinks. I am so blessed to have been there to celebrate but even more blessed to be her friend. Diana, I am so excited to stand next to you on your big day. You will be the prettiest bride and you deserve all the happiness in the world that day!!! Love you, girl!


Rosanna and Miguel {Family Portrait Session} Pacific Palisades Family Photographer

You guys may have noticed that I have been shooting at this park a lot recently. I think because it is so diverse. One of my very first shoots here was during the spring. The grass was tall, the flowers were in bloom and it was definitely a perfect backdrop. Each session I do here, I find some new magical spot. For one of the maternity sessions I did, I found a sweet little river and bridge and this last time it actually looked like fall – leaves had fallen to the ground and were changing colors. It might be 90 degrees here in Los Angeles, but at least it’s the leaves have finally changed colors!:)

It’s a funny thing living in Los Angeles. We don’t really have seasons. We might have 2, but for the most part it stay pretty moderate. This was probably the first summer that actually felt like a summer. It’s been hot through December and very humid these last few months. I think I kind of understand what the rest of the world feel when summer hits.;)

All this to say I was super stoked when Rosanna and Miguel said that they wanted have their session here at the park. I loved every moment of it. From the pups in costumes to our time out on the lawn, their session was perfect. Thank you, Rosanna and Miguel for coming out. I hope to see you both soon!





Gallardo Family {Family Portrait Session} Will Rogers Historic Park and Pacific Palisades Photographer


This is the Gallardo Family. My sister and I have been photographing this family since forever it feels like and man, time flies. These kids are so big now and have so much personality. It blows my mind. Melanie (Mom) is actually the one who did all my flowers for my wedding. She is amazing!! Not only does she do flowers, but she also bakes (she did my cake), make beautiful little crochet collars for girls and bow ties for boys and still has time for her two littles. She is one-of-a-kind.

I’ll never forget the moment I walked down the aisle at my wedding. A couple weeks before my wedding I had emailed her, flustered and requested if she could possible help me out with my arch. It was on my list of things to do, but I never got a round to it. I also couldn’t have an ugly arch at my wedding. She asked me to email her a few photos of what I was hoping for, measurements and then she would figure it out. I totally trusted her. I hadn’t seen what it looked like until I was standing at the end of the aisle with my dad. I could have cried. It was exactly as I had hoped.

I am so grateful to be in connection with amazingly creative people. I love being able to give to them as they have given to me. Thank you, Melanie and family, for an amazing session! I always love working with you all and you and your family are a huge inspiration.