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    Give us a minute to introduce ourselves. We are Lauren and Lindsay of Laurel Isle Photography. Yes, we are sisters and no, we aren't twins (we get that questions more than one would think!) We started this business about 3 years ago with nothing more than a dream, two cameras and a group of people who believed in us. From there we have grown from whatever-you-need photographers to wedding/portrait/boudoir photographers and we couldn't feel more blessed!

    In this last year, Lauren has moved up to Oregon. We now work in both California and Oregon and we LOVE IT! This move has enabled us capture more stories then we ever thought possible. Your story is our thing really. We love to capture how you met, who you love, and where you are headed. Browse around our site, and see what we have done. If you're interested in us capturing your story, feel free to call or email! We would love to hear from you. <3

Kristen and Andres {Just Married Part II} Long Beach Wedding Photographer

The last time I wrote about Kristen and Andres they were headed to the courthouse to make them official. I had the great pleasure then to take a few photos of them before they made the biggest decision of their lives. A few months down the line we caught up again at their reception in Long Beach at the Reef. It was a beautiful sunny day and the skies were clear. I enjoyed their reception so much. It was full of family, friends and good food. It had that down-to-earth feel and every where I looked there were either people laughing, hugging or giving a warm kiss on the cheek. It was a reception full of love and affection. It was definitely my kind of party.

Thank you, Kristen and Andres, for letting me a part of your special day. I wish you both a whole lot of joy and adventure in the years to come!




Saige! {Newborn Session} Redondo Beach Newborn and Lifestyle photographer

Meet the newest member of this family – Saige! She has the bluest eyes, the cutest smile and creamiest soft skin. I love babies.:)When I found out that my friend, Madison, was expecting I was so excited. I don’t think I even asked to do a newborn session with her and her family. I think I said, “when am I coming over and taking pictures of baby Saige?” Saige was barely a week old when I made my way over to a beach house they were staying at in Redondo Beach. It was a beautiful sunny morning and Saige did awesome! She lasted the whole hour and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all came out.

Thank you, Madison and Family, for letting me come at the crack of dawn almost to take pictures of your sweet little girl. She is a joy and I am totally loving watching her grow up. It’s making me all the more excited for when it’s my turn.

Love you guys!

- Lindsay


Noah! {six-month-old session} Montebello baby and family photographer

OH MAN. I am so behind. Especially because I’ll be shooting this little guy’s one year session at the end of June, which I am totally excited about. However, thinking that I am six moths behind on blogs is a little overwhelming. A lot of things are overwhelming right now. I am thankful though for how patient everyone has been with me. I’ve been late to sessions, returned things late, responded slowly, but everyone has been so beautiful with me. It makes me fee like maybe we can do this. We can have this baby and have our dreams.

I am trying to remind myself that this all is just one big learning experience and I am not going to be great at anything first. I am reminding myself that it takes time to learn new things and this is surely a new thing.

Thank you to everyone who has be patient, flexible, and kind as I learn how to be my own boss whose almost 8 months pregnant for the first time. I hope that when if/when the second round comes, I can not only be better, but also be just as beautiful, patient, flexible and kind as you have been to me.:)


A New Year {Personal} Washington State Lifestyle Photographer

This year has turned out completely different than anything I would have personally imagined for myself a year ago. There is actually nothing wrong with that so far, but I had quite a few goals for myself this year. The first thing on the to do list was to totally REVAMP my business. I was going to rename it. I was going to redesign it. I was going to tell a whole new story. A story that was more closely knit to my heart than the one my sister and I had been telling together. I had figured it was time. It has been about 2 years since my sister left for Oregon and started her own photography business – Lauren Crowston Photography. So with Laurel Isle Photography being solely left in my possession, I felt like it was the moment for my vision to be seen. She still works with me when we book a wedding during the year, but most of the year is me spending time with families and their littles creating their story and sharing my work. It’s different now and I felt it was time to change how things look to actually represent that. Big plans! Big Reveals and then…BABY!

Now our sweet little girl is not mistake, but we definitely did not have her down on the calendar for this year or the following year to be honest about it. However, life is magical and throws things in your path that you must embrace and move forward with. So I have since put all of that revamping, changing and hustling aside to make way for another change and new story to tell – my daughter’s.

It’s been a big process of learning and negotiating. Mostly with myself. I don’t really know how to rest (my feet, legs and ankles bare scares to that fact) and I don’t really know how to say no. I have had to do both a lot recently. I have had to learn to let people invade my space (something that I am still not good at) and realize that everyone enjoys a good baby. I should let them enjoy that. I have had to let myself feel accomplished with what I can actually accomplish every day instead of feeling like I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted (HARD! It’s hard to not feel behind). Ultimately, allowing myself to be pregnant, literally full of life and not be the hero. Getting my head wrapped around the idea that carrying a baby into the world is enough of a medal as I’ll ever need right now.

So maybe one day, I’ll get back to changing everything, but for now – it’s baby time. I have gone ahead and made some small changes to the Facebook page, and maybe if I find the time I’ll spruce up the blog. Until then, I’ll let me story speak through the pictures I post and the blogs I write.:)

Below are some lifestyle shots I took in Washington the beginning of this year. It was a beautiful time hanging out with my nephews, playing cards, exploring the woods and surprising my mom with the news on her birthday that we will be expecting in July. Loved every moment of it. <3

















June 8, 2015 - 6:08 pm

June - I HAVE to have copies of the pix of the boys-what must I do to get them?? Will cook/babysit for pix!!

Mary Ann! {Birthday Party} Culver City Event Photographer

You guys, I’ll be honest; it’s a full weekend. I have two events, regular work, a half marathon to run and a husband to say to goodbye to for the next three weeks. So time is limited, but I wanted to post something!

Here is a super fun Mystery Dinner Birthday party I did a few weeks back. There was a great vibe, great food and beautiful birthday girl to celebrate. I am so thankful to have been apart of it.:)