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    Give us a minute to introduce ourselves. We are Lauren and Lindsay of Laurel Isle Photography. Yes, we are sisters and no, we aren't twins (we get that questions more than one would think!) We started this business about 3 years ago with nothing more than a dream, two cameras and a group of people who believed in us. From there we have grown from whatever-you-need photographers to wedding/portrait/boudoir photographers and we couldn't feel more blessed!

    In this last year, Lauren has moved up to Oregon. We now work in both California and Oregon and we LOVE IT! This move has enabled us capture more stories then we ever thought possible. Your story is our thing really. We love to capture how you met, who you love, and where you are headed. Browse around our site, and see what we have done. If you're interested in us capturing your story, feel free to call or email! We would love to hear from you. <3

Benjamin! {Holiday Session} San Dimas Child and Family Photographer

I don’t have a lot of time today. Lately, my husband and I both have had Friday’s off, so we have been trying to take advantage of the extra time. Today we have our tax appointment (YIKES!), we are packing up because we are supposed to move at the end of the month and finalizing the little details for next week because I’ll be running the LA Marathon and he will be watching the baby. WISH US LUCK. We definitely will need it.

I am hoping to post a more complete blog of this season of our life, but until then, here is some sweet family love for your Friday. Besides this couple being drop dead gorgeous their little boy is such a ham! I love it. This family is definitely awesome and I can’t wait to see how their family grows. <3




Mila and Saphire! {Holiday Sessions} Redondo Beach Family Photographer

Time has flown by! Sunday Kennedy turned 6 months. I have posted an update yet because MOM FAIL. I can’t believe it. In some ways it feels like just yesterday her dad and I were in tears in the car so happy to be home and away from the hospital. We had been their almost a week with the expectation that we would only be there a few days. My poor husband spent the majority of that week sleeping in the same clothes without a tooth brush, without his pillows and honestly, without a proper chair to sleep on. I am pretty sure thats why he has been prone to back injuries lately. No one tells you to pack a bag for dad too. Now Baby K is leaving her newborn ways behind and heading into being a big baby. I just can’t. She is eating real food. Attempting to crawl and she laughs when people are goofs. Too soon everyone. Too soon.

Here are is a sweet session of two sister who have literally grown up too fast!


Charolette! {Infant Session} Playa Vista Family and Infant Photographer

Its seems like I don’t have much time these days. My head spins when I think about mommas that two, three, four kids! That is complete and total sacrifice. Here I am with my one little bundle of joy and I am late responding to emails and phone calls. I can’t get a blog up to save my life. I am usually late now and hopefully, if I am late its because I decided to shower instead of be on time. LIFE is crazy, but it is so full. Thankful for sessions like these, people who give me grace when things are overwhelming and of course, thankful for my family as it grows. <3








Thankful {Wedding Details} Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

I am posting a few detail shots from a wedding my sister and I had the pleasure of capturing last year. I am just reminded how thankful I am for all the weddings my sister and I have shot together these past few years. When my sister packed up her family and headed up to Oregon for a new life, it definitely wasn’t easy. No longer was she up the street for movie nights, coffee dates and thrift store shopping. No longer was I able to see my nephew grow up every day. It was hard.

But having her as my partner for almost every wedding I have shot since then has been amazing. I have been so blessed to fly her down her (often with both babies now!) and not only work along side her but spend time together. I am looking forward to any weddings we do this year!

To book just email:


Leon Family {Family Portrait} Pasadena Family Photographer

The family and I just had a whirlwind trip to Sarasota, Florida. My Grandmother had passed back in December, so this last weekend the whole family met up to say our final goodbyes. We left early Friday morning, memorial service and family all day Saturday and then back in the plane on Sunday. Thankfully, we all managed. Even the little one. Although it was fast, it was totally worth the it. One of my favorite moments of the weekend was being at my cousin’s house. Surrounded by thirty other members of my family, we laughed, talked and cried together. During this time my Aunt had pulled out all my Grandma’s favorite pictures, movies, music and trinkets. We sat around looking at old photographs of our family. I saw a picture of my dad when he was just two-years-old. There was a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma having brunch with their parents before they had all five kids. There were pictures in color, black and white and polaroids. It was such a great reminder of how important my job is. One day, if not now but later, all these images will mean something to someone. They’ll bring joy in times of sorrow, comfort in times of loss and remembrance for those who may forget. I was happy to find out that we were able to take some of the photographs my grandma had left behind. I took the one of them having brunch.