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    Give us a minute to introduce ourselves. We are Lauren and Lindsay of Laurel Isle Photography. Yes, we are sisters and no, we aren't twins (we get that questions more than one would think!) We started this business about 3 years ago with nothing more than a dream, two cameras and a group of people who believed in us. From there we have grown from whatever-you-need photographers to wedding/portrait/boudoir photographers and we couldn't feel more blessed!

    In this last year, Lauren has moved up to Oregon. We now work in both California and Oregon and we LOVE IT! This move has enabled us capture more stories then we ever thought possible. Your story is our thing really. We love to capture how you met, who you love, and where you are headed. Browse around our site, and see what we have done. If you're interested in us capturing your story, feel free to call or email! We would love to hear from you. <3

Murphy’s Ranch {Personal} Los Angeles Based Photographer

So my friend, Stacee, and I are always looking for a new adventure to go on. Specifically, a new adventure to go on with our cameras. While we can’t always meet up, the times we did have been pretty great. This time we decided to head to Murphy’s Ranch. We both had heard about it, seen shoots done there and were super intrigued that we had some sort of Nazi camp in California?? We had to check it out for ourselves. Murphy’s Ranch, according to wikipedia (A RELIABLE SOURCE I KNOW -__- my english major side shakes it head in disbelief), says that this property was owned by two Silver American Legion sympathizers here in the US. It was intended to serve has a long  term Nazi base, but after the bombing on Pearl Harbor local police invaded and occupied the compound. It is now owned by Los Angeles County.

To get there you have to drive up way in the hills and basically park in a small quiet neighborhood. You walk down a dirt road and then off to your left you’ll see steps. Lots of steps that lead down to where the compound is. A lot of things have changed since hearing about it. There is literally graffiti and trash everywhere. Some of the tags are beautiful and yet others, well you know what bad tagging looks like. Many of the structures are falling down and have been fenced off. I have read since that Los Angeles is planning to tear it down. It is very strange though. As a kid, my dad and I would watching and read tons about the Civil War and World II. Those wars were brutal. There was no mercy most of the time. It was intense to be in a place that was intended for cruel passion such as that. I had the same feeling when I stood in the middle of the field were the battle of Gettysburg took place. It’s a humbling reminder about our world and the brokenness exists. Below are some of the shots that I took while I was there. I tried to focus on finding the color in the crazy mess that place was about and what is now. You need that sometimes. In the brokenness of the world, you need to search for that one bright shinning hope; where you find that things and people don’t have to always be broken.




New York, New York! {Personal: Part II} New York Lifestyle Photographer

So here is the final days of our trip. More like 1.5 days. It’s Friday morning and the three of us are completely exhausted. New York, you had worn us out! But we were not about to let a day go by wasted; we got out bed, got ready, grabbed bagel from the hotel and headed out the door for another full day. Our first stop was always coffee and that day we decided to head out to Cafe Grumpy in Brooklyn. The three of us really are big fans of the show GIRLS on HBO and it was at this coffee shop that part of the show is filmed at. So we nerded out as we drank iced coffee and enjoyed a bit of the peaceful morning. Once our coffee was gone, and we felt ready to take on the day we managed our way through the subway system once again till we found ourselves at the 9/11 Memorial.

My dad asked me last night what was the most impactful part of my trip and I told him without a doubt it was visiting the 9/11 Memorial. Even though I didn’t know anyone in the Twin Towers or in the planes that crashed, it still was life changing for me. I remember like it was just yesterday. I was sleeping in my bed when they hit. My mother came to wake me up and brought me to the TV, which was in my garage then. I sat on the couch, young, but afraid that something in our world wasn’t right and it was to big for me to understand. It was so important for me to remember that day in such a real way. I need to be reminded that our nation is not invincible and that things like 9/11 happen to other parts of the world continually. We walked around the memorial for a bit, shared our stories and then decided it was time to move on.

Our next stop was finding out how to see the Statue of Liberty. There were signs everywhere for tickets to see her, but all options were out of our price range. We asked around and found out that we could take a taxi (FOR FREE) ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island, which will pass right by the Statue of Liberty (SOLD!) So we ventured on to the boat with the other hundreds of people and sailed off to Staten Island. It felt great to be on the water. After all that time being stuck waiting for a subway or in crowds of people with 100% humidity, it was great to feel the breeze, see the boat part the waters and enjoy the city from a different view. Once we got to Staten Island, we were starved. We looked around and found a pizza place. We couldn’t leave New York without trying some pizza! We sat down with iced tea and two slices of cheese pizza (that are literally the size of my face). It was perfect. After lunch, we took the next ferry back to Manhattan. This time we sat on the right side of the boat to catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty herself. Pretty impressive.

On our trip back to, I told my friend that New York Fashion week was happening while we there. Her eyes got big with excitement and said, “we have to go!” Once off the boat our mission then was to find #NYFW. We got on another subway and made it to Bryant Park; unfortunately, a few years ago NYFW had moved and was now being held at Lincoln Square (TOO FAR!). A little disappointed, we took pictures in the original place for NYFW and then decided to was time to move on to a new adventure. The second thing on my list was to see the Brooklyn Bridge. My dad is a huge nerd about it. He has read about it and if you ask him about it, you better have the time for a long a conversation on how it was built. We talked about going Saturday morning, but I told them I would love to try to get there at dusk tonight if we had the chance.

We did. We made it too Brooklyn Bridge right at dusk and it was beautiful. The light was amazing. The bridge was amazing. There were big puffy clouds surrounding us because rain was coming. I loved it. I could have taken pictures of my friends there for hours… IF it hadn’t started to rain. Once it began to lightly rain, we agreed it was time to head home. There was no close subway to take us back to our hotel, so we decided to walk. WALK. WALK ALMOST THREE MILES all the back to our hotel, but in the end I think it was worth it. We found some great walls to take pictures in front of and a really creepy bug. I think it made the walk worth while at least.

By the end of that night was time to set the camera down. Carrying my camera, my wallet, my phone, and any other essentials in my bag was wearing me down. For the remainder of trip (which was less than 24 hrs at this point), I put my camera away and enjoyed our time with little holding me down. That night, after freshening up a bit, we met up with our friend for a final dinner in Bushwick. It’s a cute little part of Brooklyn that reminded me a lot of Downtown LA. Before dinner we looked at some vintage shops, and decided we needed to come back the next morning before we leave for a better look. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and made the journey back to our hotel room. We collapsed.

Saturday was our departure day, so we didn’t have much time. The one thing we had wanted to do, but had not done was shop! I looked up on a yelp a thrift stores near by, grabbed a quick breakfast and headed out again. We wandered into a cute little bakery and coffee place for our daily coffee,  we found a cheese shop that smelled delightful and we stumbled upon some cute vintage shops before finding the thrift stores. I came home with a couple of tops, but most importantly, a Johnny Mathis record AND a Diana Ross and Supremes record. THAT was pure gold. It was getting close to when we had to check out of the hotel, so we rushed back just in time to gather our belongings and head out to the airport.

The rest of the trip is just getting to the airport. No glitches and time to spare, but do have to say, New York was a crazy amazing experience. My feet, a few days later, are still recovering from all the walking, waiting, and stair climbing. Would I go there again? Yes! Absolutely. Probably in the spring or fall though and probably would not try to do as much. However, I would change this trip at all. It was exactly what it needed to be and I am glad to share it with you all!




September 10, 2014 - 9:34 am

Lauren - Love this so much, trip of a lifetime! <3

New York! {Personal:Part I} New York City Life Style Photographer

So when I sat down to write this, I didn’t realize how overwhelming it would be. So I decided to split it into two parts. So a) I can effectively tell our story and b) you’re not overwhelmed by pictures. I think I should start by telling how this trip even happened. My friends and I have always talked about traveling together. We specifically have dreamed about getting lost in New York together, but you know how those dreams go. You say, “Oh, yeah, we will go to Italy one day or road trip across the states,” but then you end up planning multiple trips to Vegas because its cheap or you get a job that doesn’t let you leave; however, one day in March I was browsing through my “deal” emails – groupon, social living, travel zoo- and I came across for flights from LAX to JFK. I texted my girls and said, “who has money to blow and time to go to New York?!” Two of them responded and thankfully, we all had gotten our tax returns and made a very impulse buy to head to New York for a few days in September.

We woke up early last Wednesday (4am!!) and headed to LAX. We were half excited and half asleep. After waiting in line for what seemed like hours in the baggage line, and then the Starbucks line we were ready for take off. Coffee and pastry in had we were ready for what New York had to offer. We landed around 3pm, and took a very expensive taxi ride to Williamsburg in Brooklyn (NEVER AGAIN A TAXI RIDE FROM THE AIRPORT). As soon as we dropped our bags in our hotel, it was then non-stop for the next 72 hours. Our first stop was dinner with a friend at the Google Headquarter in NYC. That was at least two subway rides away, and we had just enough time to get there. Like all good city stories go, we got lost and ended up taking the bus (which apparently should be the last resort in all circumstances). An hour later than anticipated, we got there and had a great meal and a great view of the empire state building at sunset.  After dinner we made our way to Chelsea for drinks and walk through the city.

The next day we were up and ready for round two. We walked down the street to check out a local coffee shop after breakfast and then headed for the subway (not the bus this time!) We didn’t have too much mapped out except that we wanted to see Central Park. The subway drops you off right at the Natural History Museum, so we thought we would check it out. We walked through the museum and saw an IMAX about the Great White Sharks, which was awesome! I have definitely been an ocean nerd lately. By this time we were pretty hungry and thought it was only fitting to have a street dog in the park. As we walked through the park, we noticed that people were rowing boats. My friend was insistent that rowing a boat would be ideal, but for me, not so much. While both of my friends looked effortless rowing the boat, I practically turned our boat in circles. Ultimate FAIL. About 15 minutes into it, I finally got the hang of it. They assured me thought that I would NOT be rowing our boat back to the docking area where I would only prove to be a hazard.

After boat rowing, we walked through the financial distract and made it to Times Square, which is not great. It was too crowded and too hot, but I like our pictures there. We ducked into a Starbucks to charge our phones, get some iced tea and figure out plans for the rest of the night. We ended up going to Union Square and having dinner and drinks with our friend once again at a cute little place called the Grey Dog. After dinner, we took a walk and end up at Washington Memorial Park. We sat and people watched. There were a lot of people to watch considering how late it was. We were beat from all the walking and our night ended on a quiet note. New York at this point had been a culture shock and filled with exciting misadventures and discoveries. I’ll tell my final thoughts tomorrow when I blog the last days of our trip.



Hannah and Jared {Just Married!} Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer

I’ll be honest. Where has summer gone? It seems like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle on a beautiful spring day for my own wedding, but now it’s already September. I have been married for five months and I am gearing up to launch all of my fall usuals. It’s crazy. It’s even more crazy that these two love birds have already been married a month (as of yesterday)! I first met Hannah a long time ago at our church. Then she was a shy strawberry blonde that would hide behind her mother. I even used to babysit her! Her mom would drop her off on Tuesday mornings when I was in High School. We would play and bake chocolate chip cookies. I apparently was the first person to show her how good cookie dough tastes (whoops! I now know how to make that without raw egg;)  It’s crazy to think that she is now married (and not only married, but also married the same year I was!). I first met Jared at my wedding only a few short months ago. He was actually just walking by me as I was making my rounds to each table with my husband and when I saw him I said, “Jared!” and greeted him with a hug. I am sure it was weird that I greeted him without a formal introduction, but I quickly explained how I knew it was him and told him that I was really excited to shoot his wedding. He laughed and  continued on his way.

It wasn’t till I hung out with the two of them at their wedding that I really got introduced to Jared and when I really saw what a wonderful thing these two have between each other. From the very start of the day, all Hannah and Jared wanted to be was married. She was anxious when he didn’t text her back right away and once he was there, he stood at her door where she was getting ready, soothing her, telling her how much he loved her and respectively observed the not-seeing-the-bride-before-the-ceremony tradition. During the ceremony, Hannah and Jared read their own vows to each other. Each of their vows were filled with their own personality and stories of their love for each other. It was really beautiful.

Thank you, Hannah and Jared, for letting me be apart of your wedding. You both are beautiful people and I am so excited where your future takes the both of you. Con grats!





Aldana Family {Summer Mini} Pacific Palisades Family Photographer

It’s amazing how fast kids grow. It was only earlier this year that I saw Aldana Family, but already the girls seemed to have grown inches and their personalities have flourished. It’s crazy how so little time can pass, but so much can change. I am really starting to realize that with my nephew Henry. He lives in Oregon with my sister and her husband. Henry is only three, but in three years he has become such an amazing little man. He has a full mouth of teeth. He tells jokes. He fearlessly jumps into the pool. He ask questions. He laughs at cartoons and then tells you why he is laughing. Although I have always missed my sister and her family, it’s now that Henry is becoming his own little person, saying goodbye seems way harder. He is changing so much, growing so fast and a lot of the times I miss all that. I cherish all the times we spend together. I try to just be a sponge and soak up each moment because time flies!

There is this quote my friend has written in her kitchen. It says, “the days are long, but the years are short.” It’s so true. Especially with children. The every day can seem long and tiresome, but looking back I just have to wonder where all that time went! How could baby Henry become boy Henry so fast? How could these two lovely girls I just saw a few months ago already have grown and changed? It’s amazing. The years are truly short.

Thank you, Aldana Family, for such a fun session. It was a great way to end my summer season! I look forward to seeing you guys soon.:)